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Donovin Darius – The man, the mind, and the force behind the Donovin Darius Foundation

Donovin Darius is a respectable former NFL player. He was an All-Pro-Legend for ten years. If you’ve heard about the Jacksonville Jaguars, then you must have heard about the legend Donovin Darius either because of his times as a player or his times after.

The former NFL player, who was born on August 12, 1975, played for nine years straight for the Jaguars before he decided to leave and move on to another club. In 2007, Darius left the Jacksonville Jaguars and went on to play for the Miami Dolphins.

His career took him through college where he graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Coaching in 1997. From playing college football, he went all through to play professional football, and then he became a coach. Walking through his life after his professional career shows how incredible and selfless he is.

Beyond being a former professional NFL player, Donovin is a whole lot of other things which includes being a coach, a motivational speaker and the founder of The Donovin Darius foundation.

After his professional career, Donovin founded The Donovin Darius foundation which he has used to impact lives over the years. This foundation has over the years focused on helping youths and their families to grow. It has helped kids to develop their leadership and life skills while also helping them with whatever resources that they might need to achieve this. Changing the lives of youths for the better has been the primary focus of the foundation, and it also urges the kids to enjoy themselves while growing. Now, kids that feel like they have no hope can look brightly into the future while developing their natural skills.

On Saturday, June 9th, 2018, Donovin hosted his 5th annual Father’s day celebration. At this year’s father’s’ day event which took place at the brand new Daily’s Place amphitheater, there were current and former Jaguars present to entertain guests who had come to grace the event. Having NFL former and current players at the occasion helped to encourage and motivate the kids.

During this event, different exciting and enlightening activities took place with everyone having a good time. Music, comedy, discussions followed by a motivational message from Donovin himself.

After the concert, the event was moved to EverBank Field House with the intent of giving fathers from across the southeast region of the country the opportunity to come out, celebrate father’s day with their kids, and have a good time playing on the field while celebrating.

The over three thousand participants had fun with field games and more. There were races and different exciting competitions to engage in. It was indeed a fantastic event and a beautiful way to spend father’s day with their kids.

This program brought communities and people together. It not only created an avenue for people to come and have fun with their families and loved ones, but it also created a space for people to volunteer and genuinely help others. We rise by lifting others, right? This was the kind of thinking Donovin Darius built with his foundation. The event featured over 30 local organizations who provided assistance and services to the participants. This assistance varied from health and wellness to education and much more. There was food, drinks, first aid kits all put in place for the benefit of the concert.

According to Donovin, he intends to create a pro experience and feeling for fathers and their sons through his foundation. And the annual event is a good way to do that as it celebrates, embraces and supports the fathers, grandfathers, father figures and those mothers who are fulfilling the roles of a father.

During the father’s day event, Donovin himself gave a powerful message to attendees about how important fatherhood is. He spoke about the principles and values of being a father, how a father is the provider, protector and the leader of a family. The message was motivational, and it certainly left most people thinking about how to live their life to the fullest.

Darius is not only taking the Jaguars to another level cause he has done that already but now the Jacksonville Jaguars can also be known universally for touching lives and making dreams come true. This can be seen through all the charitable works he’s been doing through his foundation. The Donovin Darius foundation has and is still being used for philanthropic and charitable efforts in the community. He has also impacted so many kids’ lives with his training camp and his latest book.

With his new book ‘Next Level Training,’ Darius was able to share words of encouragement and motivation to as many people as possible all over the world that could get their hands on the book. This book is the first book in a series of books known as ‘The Next Level Series.’ With lessons on how to live life to the fullest, this book is a must-read for everyone for the fact that it touches all aspects of life and living generally. Contrary to the belief of many that this book might be for athletes or those into sports generally, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This book is a motivational book to help everyone who is willing to live life to its fullest no matter what they do in life.

Another benefit of The Donovin Darius foundation is the creation of training camps for young ones who are interested in football. It is evident that this former NFL player has made it his life’s mission to have everyone live the best life that they could live.

Because Donovin understands that not all kids with dreams, skills and talents have the means to make their dreams a reality, he decided to help them make these dreams come to fruition. These are the things only a real father figure could do.

If you want to make a change, you have to start with yourself, and Donovin has done wonders with kids in Jacksonville and beyond.

These camps are in excellent conditions, designed for athletic purpose with clinics to care and tend to the needs of kids who might get injured during the training exercise or games. The training camps have put so much joy into the hearts of many kids and their families as they see their kid’s dreams come true.


Ask us to show you a man with a huge heart, a heart of gold and we would show you Donovin Darius.

Here are just a few of the camps that his foundation has organized for the development of youths over the years.

  • Fathers Day Life Camp
  • Mother’s Day Life Camp
  • Men’s Rally Life Camp
  • Boy’s Dare to Dream Life Camp
  • Girl’s Dare to Dream Life Camp
  • Pay it Forward Life Camp
  • Military Transitioning Life Camp
  • Great of Life Asthma Life Camp

With all these and so much more, knowing what the Donovin Darius foundation is about, we can say that it is very glaring, the kind of man that Donovin Darius.


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