We are deeply committed to improving lives on the First Coast by providing those we serve with the tools, support and confidence to recognize and pursue the best versions of themselves. Football is the starting point, but our higher ambition is to help people lead a vibrant, fulfilling and healthy life.

Benefiting the entire Jacksonville area, but with an emphasis on our at-risk youth and underserved communities, Donovin Darius Life Skills Workshops and Family Celebration Expos empower attendees to pursue individual excellence, honor family and actively participate in their own long-term success.


Stand in your power.


Realize your full potential.


Discover your best you.


Our mission focuses on empowering families with the life skills and resources they need to live fulfilled lives while maximizing their God-given potential.









We specifically target families with low-to-moderate incomes whose access to the programs and services we provide would otherwise be limited.

Guiding Perspective


At the foundation, we understand that a child’s ability to succeed typically starts with their parents. Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering programming that strengthens and empowers the entire family unit. Because total family support is so vital to the development of each child, we have specific subprograms for mothers and fathers throughout the year.

Life Camp

Pay It Forward Life C.A.M.P.


This Life Camp focuses on family principals, managing resources, and ways to use participants gifts of time, talent, and treasure to help their community. The camp will feature 90 minutes of the program curriculum, including a keynote address by Donovin, followed by 60 minutes of exercise and fitness.

Meaningful Engagement


To fully serve the family unit, we also have a very thorough registration and follow-up process, which has given us the ability to pinpoint areas of support that parents have identified as needs for their family. As a result, we’ve been able to use this information to partner with local organizations to connect them with resources that address these needs during and after their camp experience.

Life Camp 2

D.A.R.E. to Dream Life C.A.M.P.


This Life Camp targets girls and boys, ages 9-18 years old. D.A.R.E. stands for Dignity, Achievement, Respect, and Empowerment, and the camp creates a great learning atmosphere, and our wonderful partners provide the tools to allow these youth to become successful. The camp will feature 90 minutes of the program curriculum, including a keynote address by Donovin, followed by 60 minutes of exercise and fitness.


…children who learn leadership skills that will positively change the culture around them

…mothers who are encouraged and strengthened with the resources and tools they need as they fight to hold themselves and their families together

…fathers who are prepared and appreciate the honor and privilege of developing the next generation

…servicemen who are encouraged and prepared to take the next steps into their lives beyond the uniform

…businesses committed to making Jacksonville the best it can be for our youth

…winning the game of life, as a community…NOTHING and NO ONE is out of bounds!