DDF Life Camp

The D.A.R.E. Life Camp’s primary goals are to collaboratively educate, equip and empower youth and families with life skills and the support they need. The foundation’s underlying belief is that it takes a community of individuals and organizations who have, first identified their areas of expertise and then collectively create an environment and support system that best serves the entire family.  When families have a safe place that they can go that not only helps them discover their true purpose but then supports them as they maximize their potential, they individually and collectively thrive. 

In order for the participants to learn and apply any information beyond their conscious mind, we facilitate D.A.R.E. impact sessions. We firmly believe the environment in these sessions can increase the odds in their favor. Setting the right environment has been one of the most critical components of focus and success. It takes into account each participant’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological needs.


The sense of pride, respect, and value in oneself.


The ability to successfully complete or finish an act or deed, etc. with skill, effort, or courage, etc.


The feeling of deep admiration for someone or something in response to their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life by overcoming a sense of powerlessness.

Life Camp

Benefits of Sponsorships

  • Name listed on flyer
  • Name in the Key Takeaways
  • Name on Life Camp Signage
  • Promotional piece or brochure in swag bag
  • Name listed on handout
  • 30 minute Motivational Talk by Donovin with Key Leaders or Sales Team
  • Mention in 1 social media post
  • Maximize Your Potential BUZZ TV interview with Donovin (5-7 minute)

Dignity Session Sponsor

Dignity Session Sponsor

Dignity Session Sponsor

Dignity Session Sponsor


…children who learn leadership skills that will positively change the culture around them

…mothers who are encouraged and strengthened with the resources and tools they need as they fight to hold themselves and their families together

…fathers who are prepared and appreciate the honor and privilege of developing the next generation

…servicemen who are encouraged and prepared to take the next steps into their lives beyond the uniform

…businesses committed to making Jacksonville the best it can be for our youth

…winning the game of life, as a community…NOTHING and NO ONE is out of bounds!


Our mission focuses on empowering families with the life skills and resources they need to live fulfilled lives while maximizing their God-given potential.